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Updated: Jun 28, 2022


Shoes for Weightlifting Workouts

Aim for shoes with a flat sole that allow you to grip the floor. For example, converse shoes typically have a flat sole without a layer of cushion soft service which allows you to concentrate on pressing your heels to the ground prepping for the lift of weight training.

Shoes like these allow you to push through the floor much easier, which will allow you to produce more force during a lift. When you work out, especially during leg exercises you have to be driving through the heels. It is very hard to drive force through the heel in running shoes or shoes with extra foam at the base.

Shoes for High Impact Aerobics (HIIT)

High impact aerobics are considered to be exercises that include high impact movements such as running and jumping on hard surfaces. Most forms of HIIT style workouts (high intensity interval training) are considered high impact movements.

Shoes with plenty of cushioning under the midsole, for example will protect your arches against impact during jumping workouts. Therefore the goal is to aim for shoes that will absorb the shock on your muscles from the high impact movement. Ex. Nike Metcon, Nike Air zoom, NOBULL brands.

Shoes for Running Workouts

You’ll want to choose your running shoes based on the amount of cushioning you’ll personally need. Typically running on the treadmill provides some cautioning, but it may vary if you’re running on certain turfs outside. Finding a running shoe with a little extra foam or special cushioning often makes for a better run.

You’ll want to make sure the collar of the shoes hug your foot tightly so they do not slip off during the run. You also want to make sure the shoe has great traction, you also want to be sure you walk in the shoe (around the house, or outside) so that you break them in before running.

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