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Think about your why...not

For every But that slows down your health journey, think about the Why. Then think about the Why Not.

Consider asking yourself "why not" when deciding on whether you should get started:

Often times when there's a reason for us not to get started on our health journey there is a flip side.

For example: we may say "I don't have time to fit working out in my schedule." When this happens try writing down why you don't have time, then write down the benefits of making time.

Take the next step by writing down your daily schedule, start with just one day. Then consider if adjustments can be made to fit in working out (however big or small).

Taking the first step builds consistency:

Try this exercise and take it a step further by listing the pros and cons of getting started on your fitness journey. Consider your reality, the long-term benefits versus the short-term shifts in your daily life by getting started.

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