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Jessica Foyah

 My Story

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About me...

I am  a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Aerobics Instructor and the owner of Unique Fitness LLC.


My fitness journey started as my own personal empowerment journey during a tough period in my life of divorce and personal loss. Fitness started as my form of therapy and transformed into a passion for helping other women feel empowered and see the potential of their physical abilities. I have extensive experience with one on one training and group training with my focus on personal training, group classes, and group programs to help clients fulfill their fitness goals. During my time I have worked with well over 100 clients and my training sessions and programs include strength training, cardiovascular exercises, mobility as well as meal planning options for clients. 


As a PT I help to empower women to start, grow, & own their fitness journey. I specialize in servicing women who are beginners and/or newly returning to fitness. I help women to understand what it takes to meet their short & long term fitness goals by taking measurable nutrition & fitness steps. My motto is “it’s a “journey not a race.”

My Journey to Fitness

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Jessica Foyah


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