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Signs that Indicate You're Eating Too Much Added Sugar

The first rule says that the more foods you eat with added sugars, the more likely you are to crave them. The key is to keep from going overboard. But if you're not tracking every gram, how can you know?

Here some telltale signs that Indicate you're eating too much added sugar. Added sugar is exactly what it sounds like, its sugar added to foods and beverages, and it differs from the sugars that naturally occur in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

1. You’re Gaining Weight

Too many calories from any food can translate to weight gain, but foods loaded with added sugars are particularly easy to overdo because they're tasty. Eating a lot of added sugars may lead to hormonal changes that can mess with appetite regulation. Taking in a lot of fructose the type of sugar found in many processed foods and drinks is linked to a decrease in leptin, which helps suppress appetite. So be careful when eating sweets. Cut you a small piece and stick to it.

2. You Constantly Crave Sweets

Eating sweets typically makes us feel good in the moment, which in turn makes us want more and more and more of them. This makes sense because high sugar consumption has been associated with an over-activation of neural reward pathways.

3. Your Energy Levels Crash Suddenly

When we consume too much refined sugar, especially without having enough fiber, fat, and protein, insulin is secreted rapidly to help stabilize blood sugar levels, this swift release of insulin leads to an equally swift decrease in blood sugar levels as the hormone works to remove excess glucose from the blood stat. The result is an energy spike that's quickly followed by an energy crash. To avoid the energy peaks and valleys that follow a sugary meal, opt for carbohydrates that produce a slow, steady rise in blood sugar, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. The natural sugars in these whole foods are bound to fiber and are digested slower, which is why they raise blood sugar more gradually. plain, and simple. They'll give you more sustained energy.

4. Your Skin Is Suffering

If you're prone to breakouts, cutting back on added sugar could help you get your acne under control. Diet is an indirect singular cause of acne, but sugar and refined carbohydrates may be part of the breakout equation. Examples of added sugars you might find on a food's nutrition label include raw cane sugar, honey, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, molasses, and agave, to name a few.

Finally, make sure you count your calories, plan for the daily intake, and fight your craving because you have a goal to achieve. That will increase your self-discipline habit and then you will be aware of what you consume daily.

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