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Weight-Loss Hacks

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

In addition to the common weight loss advices that you already know like burn calories doing everyday activities, choose your plates wisely, add more vegetables, drink water before your meal, and so on. Here 3 Weight-Loss Hacks that will help your journey.

1. Swap High Calories for Low Calories

- To lower your calorie intake, try to swap high calories food for low calorie food so you can consume more and be satisfied at the same time.

- Examples: mayo for mastered, chicken salad sandwich for chicken breast sandwich, ranch for balsamic vinegar, thick crust for thin crust pizza, dried fruits for fresh, fries for baby carrots or celery, popcorn for chips… etc. Choose wisely so you can eat more.

2. Eat Breakfast for Dinner

- Instead of making dinner the heaviest meal, switch it to breakfast. Keep lunch the same and eat a lighter dinner. Also, eating a low-calorie breakfast actually increases yourappetite, specifically for sweets, which could lead to junk-food cravings and weight gain. Just think about it!

3. Track Your Progress with an App

- Losing weight? There's an app for that! Your smartphone is a smart tool for your health if you download and use a weight-loss or food-tracking app. You can also use apps or wearable devices to monitor your physical activity or motivate you to do more. For example, a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or another activity tracker can help you reach your goal of steps per day and keep you on track.

Remember to stay active, eat right, focus on your goal, put in the effort and you will be there.

4. Plan Ahead

- It can be tough for us to plan meals with intention during the week when we have so much going on between work, family life & additional daily responsibilities. For this reason take advantage of the time you do have to plan, often times it is our weekends that are most available for meal preparation. Even if it’s not quite cooked yet have an idea and a plan of what you’ll have each day so you’re prepped and ready. Including snacks! This will help avoid eating foods with little to no nutritious value out of hunger during the week, because your meals are already ready to go.

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