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How to Enjoy Eating Out Without Regret

Updated: May 25, 2022

A Guide for a Better Experience

Yes! You Can Still Eat Out…Here’s how

1. Read the Menu Before You Go

You’re more likely to make better eating choices when you look at the menu ahead, and not tempted by the food & aroma around you.

2. Have a healthy snack before you arrive

If you’re hungry when you arrive to a restaurant, you’re more likely to overeat and/or choose unhealthy options. When your belly is satisfied you are unconsciously more likely to regulate your diet & eating

3. Drink water before & during your meal

Replacing your sugar-sweetened drink with water can help reduce your intake of calories and added sugar

4. Check how food is cooked & prepared

The way food is cooked and prepared can make a significant difference on how many calories you are consuming

(Look for foods that are steamed, grilled, roasted, or poached. These cooking methods equate to less fat & therefore less calories)

5. Try eating your meal mindfully

Eating mindfully will help you remain conscious of how much you are consuming and what you are consuming. Slow down when eating so you can remain aware of when you are truly satisfied/full.

6. Order your meal before everyone else

We can sometimes become tempted by what’s around us & our decisions are influenced by what we see & smell. Make your decision early and stick with it.

7. Portion control

(Ex. Try ordering an appetizer or two rather than a full meal)

Studies show that people tend to eat more when they’re served bigger portions. Try also to go ahead and ask for a to-go plate so you can split your meal if needed. Eat some now and some later.

8. Slow down and chew thoroughly

Chewing your food thoroughly & eating slower can help you eat less. It also helps you to feel full quicker.

9. Have a cup of coffee instead of dessert

Skip dessert and order coffee instead. You’ll cut calories and added sugar.

10. Avoid all you can eat buffets

When you are faced with an unlimited food supply the temptation to eat more can be tough to resist.

11) Be conscious of your choice of sides

When ordering your meals asked the server to swap out more starchy items for vegetable choices

12. Ask for sauces or dressings on the side

The extra calories are often added in the dressing that accompany a salad or dish so ask for your dressings on the side. Ex two tablespoons of ranch dressing equates to 140 calories & 16 grams of fat.

13. Skip (or minimize) the pre-dinner breadbasket

Remember not to show up to a restaurant hungry and it will minimize the temptation to overeat what’s offered to you. And if you’re too tempted send the bread back.

14. Order a soup or salad to start

Having a soup or salad can help stop you from eating too much

15. Go for tomato-based sauces over creamy ones

Choose tomato or vegetable-based sauces over creamy or cheesy sauces to help cut the calories & the fat from your meal.

16. Watch out for health claims

Watch out for health claims such as vegan, or gluten free, or sugar free. This doesn’t necessarily mean a healthier choice. There can be added sugar, corn-syrup, calories etc. to help improve the taste of the meal.

17. Think about your whole diet

Consider the bigger picture, beyond that meal!

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