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Getting started is easier than keeping it what are some ways to change that?

Although starting your fitness journey isn't always the easiest, it can be much easier to get started than to keep going after a few weeks or months of your workout routine. The first month (or two) of training is often the most heightened time frame because it's when clients see the most results. The body weight drops off the fastest in the first month and you start to feel the difference in your endurance level after working out consistently for weeks at a time.

When asked what's the hardest part for clients when starting their fitness journey, my answer was "getting started isn't the hardest part" staying in it is much harder. I'm speaking as a trainer, and as someone who has taken their own fitness journey.

Below are some ways to help get over the Hump:

  1. Change your exercise routine

    • Try doing something different or mixing in a different type of workout with your weekly routine. Go hiking, swimming, take advantage of the outdoors or sign up for a workout class that interests you. Understand that continuing to be active goes a long way, regardless of what it is.

2. Reinvent your workout playlist

  • Often times when you reuse the same type of playlist, especially if you're a big music person that alone can feel like a burnout. So switch it up! Take some time to prepare a new playlist to get you re- excited about working out.

3. Announce that you're going to the gym

  • Once you announce that you're going to the gym it helps to hold you accountable to actually go to the gym, and who knows? A friend might join you for the day.

4. Ask for help

  • Be okay with asking for help, whether it's recruiting a workout partner or going to a professional for help. Especially for those of you who have reached a certain point in your fitness journey that feels like you've maximized on reaching your goals on your own and you are not sure where to go from there.

5. Remember your "Why"

  • When you feel like quitting remember why you started

6. Give yourself Grace

  • It's okay if you have a moment and need a break, we're all human. It's about knowing when it's time to hop back on the wagon and listening to your body. Your wellbeing is first.

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