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Clean Eating

To form the right habits all day every day you must clean up your eating habits. Here are 5 principles of clean eating:

1.) Choose whole foods. Try as much as you can to avoid processed and refined foods. Whole foods can be cheaper and better for the environment. In addition, they are high in fiber, help control blood sugar, and have a longer shelf life.

2.) Understanding how to break down the label. Sugar and fat-free are just a way to advertise the products. Read beyond the “fat free” and “sugar free” labels Read it, break it down, and understand what the portion size is and how much you need.

3.) Read the ingredients as well. Anything over 5 ingredients can be too much for one product.

4.) Never skip protein, fat, carbs, and fiber in each meal you eat. It will fill you up, provide you with nutrition components, and satisfy you so that you will not crave junk food.

5.) Lastly, follow the flexibility diet which is 80% & 20%. Consume 80% of healthy high-quality food, 20% of whatever you like to eat. WHY? So you won’t get tired of one diet and feel bored, then the possibility of quitting is higher over time. Eat everything you want but count your calories or make sure you do not overeat more than what your body needs.

Write in the comments below what are your thoughts and what is your way of staying active?

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