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So I have two things I typically don’t go without when working out…my sweat band and my Tika Fiya Sweat Cream. What does it do? 👇🏽

In short….it burns fat cells, tightens & smooths skin, reduces cellulite, & helps to accelerate your (toning & building) progress. Not to mention it helps with muscle recovery. And those are only a few of the benefits.

If you’ve been looking for an all natural sweat cream and a sweat band be sure to check out her site. You can use the code UNIQUEFIT for a discount. She’s rated 5 stars and a few of her customer transformations are above! ☝🏽

Her website link Is below and btw Tika herself is also in this challenge along with us if you have questions! ☺️☺️

Site Link:

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