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Afternoon Ladies Happy Thursday ☀️

I’m not sure about you ladies but this week is going by fast 😭🙌🏽. Hope you all have had some effective workouts for the first week and are prepared to take it up a notch next week 💪🏽.

As a reminder tomorrow’s group workout will be LIVE at 7pm. You all will be tuning into Dominique’s live Step Cardio class. And for those of you want to attend the class in person for that in gym energy please let me know! The class is $10 and I can reserve your spot.

I’m currently on the road headed home for a loved one’s funeral. Step cardio will go back to our Saturday 10:15am time as of next week.

Lastly look out for my nutrition tip of the day! 🥗

DAY 5 LET’S GET IT!! 🔥🔥🔥

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